Proper Asphalt Shingle Installation

How to Properly Install a Roof Shingle

One of the most used material for roofing application are asphalt shingles. It depends on the different type and pitch of the roof, some instruction must be followed. The different types of shingles are used for garages, hip roofs, sheds even it works great on every roof. If you want to install shingles by yourself, it will save your money and precious time. To install a shingle you must follow certain instructions to achieve the same professional look. Installing the asphalt shingles on your roof will keep your house in good shape and it will also protect your family from many different elements. Just recently, Right Now Roofing compiled a “how to” on how to properly go about installing roof shingles.

Installation Process

  1. Start installing the shingles from the left corner than work on the right and move upward.
  2. Before starting the installation process, first install roof flashing around chimneys, valleys and roof penetrations because 70% of roof leaks are spotted in these areas.
  3. If the roof flashings are already installed by someone make sure they are in good shape and also check them for any leakage issues.
  4. To avoid having different colors on the roof, always use the shingles from the same bundle before using any other bundle.
  5. Normally, 1-3/4 to 2 long nails are used on the ridge cap, it is important to remember that ridge cap shingles are attached with two nails each.
  6. It is extremely important to know that you cannot use every nail with asphalt shingle. For asphalt shingles, use only corrosion resistant and galvanized steel roofing nails.
  7. Asphalt shingles can be attached with four nails per sheet, but if you house is in the area with high winds use 6 nails per sheet.
  8. To reduce the danger of wind lift, do not nail too high or too low because it is possible that nails can become the weakest part of the shingle installation.
  9. Avoid nailing through sealant strip as it can affect the water flow.
  10. All the fasteners should penetrate at least ¾ inches into the wood deck.
  11. Flashings should be at least 0.019 inches thick.
  12. It is recommended to use minimum four No. 9 2-1/ inches hex head screws, only when you are installing the shingles in high wind areas.
Posted on: August 7, 2018