Do I Need Eye Protection When Roofing?

Eye protection during roofing project is necessary because it can cost you with a blurred or no vision. Avoid using sun glasses instead of wearing safety glasses when working on a roof, because sunglasses will not protect your eyes from many potential hazards. It is reported that, many workers don’t you safety glasses just because they think they are looking silly. Many safety equipment companies are now making stylish safety glasses just for this purpose.

The question arises, whether all workers who are engaged in roofing projects are required to put safety glasses or not. The answer is provided by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), that it is not necessary for every worker to equip safety glasses when working on a roof but these safety glasses can protect any worker from chemical, physical and radiation agents. It is recommended to use the protection glasses in roofing projects where there is a possibility of an eye injury. Many roofers have been cited for major violations of the eye protection standard when a hot-tar operator failed to wear a protection in a situation where there is a possibility of a serious eye burn injury. For this reason, OSHA published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in 2015 that contains a revision to the eye and face protection standards that are only applicable to the construction industry.

What are Safety Glasses

  • Safety glasses helps in keeping the particles away from your eyes, these glasses fits you cheeks and contains side shields.
  • Safety glasses are personal protective equipment that are made to provide protection against different flying particles and other hazards. Their lenses are also unbreakable.
  • Safety glasses will protect the worker from infrared radiation.
  • Safety glasses are specially made to provide protection against ultraviolet radiation produce by welding and cutting.

Can Lenses and Sunglasses Provide the Same Protection

Lenses and Sunglasses cannot provide the required protection against UV rays, chemicals, radiation and other physical injuries. It is important for every employer to provide necessary trainings on Personal Protective Equipment to their workers. It is not possible to repair you eyesight, so protect your eyes wearing proper safety glasses.  A commercial roofing company in Owensville, MO recently created a video on the importance of eye protection when roofing. You can find it at

Posted on: July 30, 2018