Roofing Nail Guns & What You Need to Know


Most professionals these days (like this roofing company in Albany, NY), utilize roofing nail guns due to the speed they offer. A roofing nail gun is an instrument with a tray, which acts as a storage for the fasteners. They make use of air pressure to drive the fasteners through the shingle into the deck of the roof. An uninterrupted pressure of air is required by the compressor, which can range from 90-120 PSI depending on several factors, such as the nail gun being used, the roofing production, how thick the roof deck is and the temperature during that time. In order for the nail to be driven ¾ of an inch into the roof decking, the fasteners are required to have sufficient power to meet the requirements provided by the manufacturer and the local codes.

While a lot of people decide to hand nail, due the cost of renting a roofing nail gun and the limited number of days, timing things correctly can ensure that the installation process, using a rented nail gun, will not take more than a few days.

Roofing using a nail gun vs hand nailing


While it usually depends on the skill level of the person, there are certain advantages and drawbacks to both – hand nailing and using a nail gun.

Nail guns can be extremely beneficial for contractors who have to face the competition of labor costs and roofing, but speed without any skill is useless. A nail gun does not guarantee a good roof installation and one of the downsides of the speed it offers is that it can prove to be dangerous. Nails placed incorrectly can easily result in a roofing failure and this is generally common when nailing with guns.

While hand nailing can be beneficial, a man with the same level of skill working on the roof can work faster if he is utilizing a nail gun and a compressor. Hand nailing can never surpass the speed that nailing with a gun offers.

Lack of pressure can result in the nails to be high, lifting the shingle on top and making it susceptible to be blown off by the wind. Nailing with the hand ensures that the person can tell if the nail is high and he can make sure that it is properly driven by the roof deck

It is important that the nails are placed properly to ensure better performance and is also critical for the warranty of the manufacturer, as nailing incorrectly can make the warranty void.

Therefore, while working with nail guns, it is important that you slow down and properly place the nails in the correct zone with the right amount of air pressure to ensure that you get the job done much quicker and do not have to bear the fatigue, which can result from hand nailing.

Posted on: March 2, 2018