Synthetic Slate Roofing Systems Are Here To Stay


Synthetic slate roofing systems are carefully engineered products for complex roofing for households. They are easy to handle, durable and give the house a beautiful, finished look.


Synthetic slate roofing systems are available at a cheaper price than natural slates and are much simpler and easier to install. They are shatter resistant, unlike natural slate roofing that has a higher chance of shattering in cold weather.


Advantages of synthetic slate shingle roofing

Unlike natural slates, they are cheaper without compromising on the beautiful look that they give to a household. It is possible to achieve the desired and ideal depth and dimensions required by the owner of the household while having a huge variety of various options to choose from, such as different materials for specific weather conditions and different colors.

Synthetic slate roofs are rendered and crafted in such a way that they give a natural look while providing high quality in an affordable price range. Completely recyclable and strong, they are made out of steel but still have an average weight, around one-fourth of a natural slate.

Here are some benefits that synthetic slate roofing provides:

a- As they contain ultraviolet inhibitors, they do not wear out so easily from sunlight.

b- Synthetic slate roofs have built-in modifiers that reduce the damage that might be caused by extreme weather conditions.

c- They are fire resistant, which means that in emergencies, the slates will not catch fire.

d– Synthetic slates are considered as a “green” building alternative because of their ability to be recycled.

e- The installation and transportation procedure of synthetic slates is cheaper and much easier when compared to other roofing materials.

f- They are ideal for residential construction projects in the mainstream industry due to being lightweight and their low cost.

Apart from the hype, here is a glance at some things you should consider before opting for clean slate roofs:

1- Poor Durability: Synthetic slate roofing is physically less strong compared to the actual slate. This means that synthetic slate roofs are more likely to be damaged over time. Increased general wear and tear may be noticed.

Violent storms and extreme weathers may cause these slates to damage. The lack of durability may increase the risk of repairs and leaks that can be proven costly in the future and the long run.

2- They may have a shorter Lifespan compared to other slates depending on the weather conditions where the household is located. This may result in poor durability due to the easily damageable properties of synthetic slates. Overall, they may require high maintenance if the weather conditions are too extreme.

Here are the steps involved in installing a synthetic slate roofing system:

1- Start by installing shingles as starters

2– Join the Shingles together with the Joints

3– Form the Roof Valleys

4– Continue by Installing the Slates on the specific spots

5- Install the caps to hold the slates in place

6– Finally, place the shingles and enjoy the beautiful looks!

Posted on: February 20, 2018