Keeping Your Crews Sustainable Depends a Large Part on the Tools You Use

Sustainability is as much about individuals as the environment. And some of the most crucial individuals affected by sustainable roof are the workers on your teams. For a roofing task to be truly sustainable, the health, security and success of the workers who set up the roofing needs to be considered.

US Restoration & Remodeling just recently posted a great article on the tools they use to perform most of their roofing jobs.

This article is going to highlight the methods the tools you pick can add to the sustainability of your labor force. First, the right tools can assist prevent injuries on the job. Some tools can minimize the amount of private effort required to complete a task and reduce the risk of strain to muscles, tendons, and joints. Some tools permit private employees to handle heavy roofing materials that otherwise may lead to back injuries. Examples of tools that can carry the load for your employees consist of:

– Ladder raises to carry roof rolls, shingles, and ballast

– Roll providers to navigate and position roof rolls

– Carts for applying loads of ballast and cans of adhesive

Other tools can decrease the variety of specific movements needed to finish a task, resulting in a decrease in repetitive motion injuries. Most likely the most crucial tools to reduce repeated movements involve techniques to keep employees standing instead of bending down to carry out jobs. Such stand-up tools not just decrease the danger of back pressure but also other repetitive-motion tensions to wrists, elbows, and knees. Examples of stand-up tools that lower recurring strains on your employees consist of:

– Attachment tools to position and fasten insulation and seam plates

– Base sheet attachment tools

– Primer and adhesive applicators

– Membrane slitters and joint rollers

– Automatic welding tools

In addition to reducing the threat of occupational injuries, excellent tools also increase the productivity of your labor force. With the right tools, your workers can deal with heavier loads, cover more roof location, and lower costly application errors. As a result, roofing information are installed more regularly and pricey call-backs are lowered.

Finally, among the most important functions of modern roofing tools is that they are user-friendly. When your employees’ tools are their good friends, they have the tendency to enjoy their work. That can be a crucial advantage when hiring new employees. If potential recruits see your job sites as locations that secure them and help them succeed, they’re most likely to pick your company over your competitor as the location they wish to work.


Posted on: November 9, 2017